Tips On Finding The Best Random Orbit Sander

Wood crafting, both professional and out of leisure has never been simpler but with the help of a random orbit sander. These powerful machines have the ability to create perfect and skilled woodcraft and make you enjoy working on little household projects. However, finding the perfect tool to help you in the process might be a bit complicated due to the large variety of similar products on the market. With the help of our guide you can rest assure you will find the perfect random orbit sander in no time and enjoy perfectly shaped woodcrafts.

What are random orbit sanders?

These powerful machines fall in between the categories. They are not exactly a belt sander but don’t go for an orbital finishing sander either. However, it can be easy to confuse the two latter not only because of their similar name, but also because of their quite common design, which is compact and has round tops. The main difference between these two machines is the fact that a random orbit sander consists of a round pad to do the job.

Regular random orbit sanders are slightly more delicate than a belt sander, meaning they will not remove the unnecessary wood as quickly as a belt sander. Moreover, they are even a bit harder to control than a regular orbital finishing sander. All in all, this random machine is probably the most portable and easy to handle tool when carving, chopping or sanding wood. Most of the good random orbit sanders come with a 5-inch diameter pad, more than enough to cover your little “Do It Yourself” projects around the house.

How to pick the best random orbit sander?

Obviously, that is depending on your needs. The great majority of these products have a speed ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 rotations per minute, meaning they are powerful enough to be used on any type of wood surface. Some more professional orbital sanders come with a variable speed control which is quite in handy when dealing with heat sensitive fabrics and types of wood.

But, apart from the machine’s power, the most important feature of any random orbit sander is the ability to collect the dust. Since they are powerful machines, you will get a lot of dust whenever you use them, thus those with health conditions like asthma or dust allergy should be really careful during the process. Some sanders will come with a dust collecting bag or a filter, so make sure to choose one of those.

Moreover, check for the sander’s handle to be well balanced and feel comfortable in your hand, similar to a chef’s knife. You can easily determine this quality by turning on the sander and feel the way it vibrates.

Tips for using a random orbit sander

After you purchased the desire product, make sure to follow some simple rules in order to keep a long lasting product. First, make sure to not put pressure on the sander when using it. A slight up and down motion above the wood surface will suffice if you do not want to turn your sander into a true wood chopper or to ruin it. Moreover, make sure you always take the sander away from the wood surface whenever turning the machine down or even lower it to a smaller speed.

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